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More and more each day it appears that everything old is new again.  Except at Alpha Consulting.  From the beginning, we've approached each client engagement as a relationship.  Only by knowing, and most importantly understanding, each individual situation, can we properly match consultants' knowledge and experience to the needs of your company, your project, and your existing team. 

Our methodology ensures that we understand you and provide the proper consultants to you. We learn from every interaction until we master your search needs. Our winning methodology ensures efficient searches and encompasses the following:

  • Current Active Applicants: We start by accessing our existing candidate pool for potential candidates. Our applicant tracking system searches daily to uncover available, qualified candidates for a specific search.

  • Skill, Motivation and Competency Fit: Before submission, we review potential candidates for skill fit, technically screen candidates for appropriate technical positions, provide a competency fit assessment, and a motivational checklist.

It all begins with our initial discussion and continues throughout the assignment.  Request an individual presentation of how Alpha can help you successfully complete your projects today